Joe Lahout is a legend from the early days of skiing in America.  He is also a long time visitor to St. Anton,  Fahrner Hof guest and more importantly, a great friend. We have been lucky to enjoy many evenings in Joe's company filled with steak dinners, spent many afternoons on a sun drenched deck with him eating french fries, chased him down the slopes of St. Anton and even had him serve us breakfast time and time again.  Each and every time he would keep us entertained with his wit, energy and stories.  This fantastic short film truly captures the man that he is.  Genuine, tough yet compassionate, fun loving and a true family man. It is an honor to know this man and we are so happy for his success. It is very much deserved.  Now let's "put the damn skis on and go like hell!" EXCLUSIVE: The Legend Behind America's Oldest Ski SHop